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ABU President, Mr Cho Dae-hyun completes his term at KBS Korea and welcomes Mr Hikaru Doumoto from NHK-Japan as the new ABU Acting President

In a letter sent to the ABU Secretariat, the current ABU President, Mr Cho Dae-hyun stated that his term as President and CEO of the Korean Broadcasting System is coming to an end on 23 November 2015. Mr Ko Dae-young, currently serving as the President of KBS Business will succeed him as the new President and CEO of KBS, Korea.

Mr Cho Dae-hyun thanked all members for electing him as the ABU President at the 2014 ABU General Assembly in Macau and for giving him the opportunity to serve the Union and chair the Administrative Council in Xian, China and the recently concluded ABU General Assembly in Istanbul. He added that it was a great experience working with all members to bring together industry professionals to share their ideas, skills and technology.

Mr Cho Dae-hyun also expressed his thanks to members for their understating of the importance that the ABU holds for strengthening the perspective of our Union. Mr Cho Dae-hyun assured that KBS will always be as devoted and committed to the Union as it has been.

The ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, on behalf of the ABU and all members, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr Cho Dae-hyun for his leadership, dedication and support of the ABU during his term as the ABU President and wished him success and good wishes in his future professional career and personal life in the years ahead.

The current ABU Vice President, Mr Hikaru Doumoto who is also Executive Vice-President of Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) will assume the role of ABU Acting President with effect from 24th November 2015 until the forthcoming ABU General Assembly in Jakarta in October 2016 where members will have the opportunity to elect a new ABU President.

The Secretariat is committed to ensuring that the Union continues to function effectively and efficiently in the interests of its members and continues to deliver the high level of service members have come to expect, said the ABU Secretary-General.