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ABU teams up with three of its members to run a Programming Workshop in Fiji

ABU, AIBD-Malaysia, TPBS-Thailand and FBC-Fiji conducted together a Workshop on Programme-Making from 17 to 22 November in Suva, Fiji, hosted by Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr Jeong Yun Hwan from ABU, Mr Ravi Shankar from AIBD and Mr Horea Salajan from TPBS shared their experiences and skills on different topics related to Studio programming, Documentary and News. They made lectures focusing on studio entertainment, documentary and news programme-making with limited resources and low budget, taking many programmes relevant to each genre as an example. They also focused on outside shooting, editing and studio-based workshops where trainees, most of whom were producers, directors, Journalists, cameramen and studio staff from TV production unit and News unit at FBC.

Andhy Blake, a producer from FBC said, “The training was inspirational and eye opening for a lot of us. We actually got to understand the actual work a producer needs to do.”