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Nepalese community radio stations help in earthquake recovery

After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal earlier this year, Community Radio stations mobilized to support people in their time of crisis.

People were given water purifying tablets, but, as many were illiterate, they could not read the instructions and did not use them.When local stations got back to air they began to broadcast segments to educate earthquake affected people how to purify drinking water in their temporary shelters.

They engaged children to help spread the message to their parents. Child led community journalism is a new practice of citizen journalism, using social and traditional media in Nepal.

The earthquake of Saturday, 25th of April 2015 affected more than 120 community radio stations, but most of them are now back on air, some from tents and some literally broadcasting from the field.

The community radio sector’s umbrella body, ACORAB has been producing and broadcasting the radio programs called Jivan Raksha regularly.