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A new Ingest station for TVRI Indonesia

TVRI, the Indonesian state broadcaster has added an ingest station based on Etere’s MTX technology consisting of 8 channels. 

Ingest is a critical process of any production and broadcast workflow. Errors committed in this stage are always costly and time consuming for a company. Etere Ingest software is designed to improve the ingest process of any broadcasting and media company by capturing in real-time SD/HD media from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream. This technology enables users to capture media from all common feeds into a cloud storage and apply to it any required workflow. 

TVRI is now provided with master control room automation, graphics, built-in video servers, programming including secondary events as logos, crawls, audio/video router switching and transitions, all these, under a fully redundant and flexible approach.

The overall TVRI system management is being simplified, giving the broadcaster an SD/HD ingest and playout system with graphics and proxy file creation in real-time. The solution functions under a fully workflow-based way which the customer can customise to fit its needs.