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ABU CARE Project enters its sixth series with LOVE

Twelve ABU Producers met in Vietnam from November 30th to December 2nd for the 1st Producers Meeting of the ABU documentary co-production project CARE 6 which was hosted by VTV in Ho Chi Minh City.

The theme of this sixth series is: “Do We Believe in Love?” with special focus on the role of capitalism, which has affected our conception and expression of love.

“[This theme] is not an easy concept to realize visually through film. However, through working together over the past few days, I am very optimistic that each of you will be successful in creating documentaries that realize this vision,” said Mr Jaeoh Yi, Executive Producer for CARE 6 and Deputy Director of Documentary and Factual department at KBS. The ABU Programme Director, Mr Tatsuhiro Beniko and the General Director of the VTV International Cooperation Department, Mr Ho Kien, also emphasized the importance of this project’s potential effect on the influence of an Asia-Pacific perspective on a global scale.

During the 3-day meeting, preliminary story ideas were presented one by one and then followed by discussions. All participants had a chance to strengthen their narrative by listening to constructive criticism and suggestions. The stories portrayed differing cultural perspectives covering a variety of angles to gain more robust understanding of what love is.

14 broadcasters from 14 different countries are participating in CARE 6: BTV-Bangladesh, CCTV-China, DD-India, FBC-Fiji, IRIB-Iran, KBS-Korea, NHK-Japan, NTV-Nepal, PBC-Palestine, RTM-Malaysia, SLRC-Sri Lanka, TVRI-Indonesia, TRT-Turkey and VTV-Vietnam.

The second producer’s meeting is expected to take place March next year in China where participants will meet to screen rough cuts of their films and plan for their completion.