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ABU Secretary-General’s message following the adoption of Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The world’s leaders reached a historic agreement in Paris to work together to secure the future of the planet. In an unprecedented deal 195 governments pledged to curb the global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius.

Dr Javad Mottaghi said that “As exciting and uplifting this major breakthrough is, we should not forget that the Paris climate change agreement is just the roadmap for saving the planet. Now we have to build the road together. We have to bring media to the frontline of climate change awareness, climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction.”

ABU is launching the Climate Adaptation and Disaster Literacy campaign to harness the immense power of media to educate and change attitudes and behavior. We commit to work with our members to promote the need to change our old habits. The Paris Agreement is the beginning of an energy revolution to cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the global warming. The Paris Agreement pledges to support developing countries to become part of the clean energy revolution and foster development. We commit to bring programmes that educate people about the best solutions and how they can be part of them.

The ABU Secretary-General concluded that “We shouldn’t waste time to make this world’s inspiration into something meaningful for the future of our children and grandchildren. We should match the political will of the world with the power of media. Let’s do it together.”