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NHK to broadcast its Drama Serials in 20 more countries

NHK is actively promoting the broadcast of its popular morning drama serials overseas. With cooperation from the Japan Foundation, Carnation is now lined up for broadcast in 20 more countries, including Nigeria, Romania, Mexico and Kazakhstan, bringing the combined total to 31 countries and regions, second only to the 73 countries and regions where Oshin was shown.

NHK has received increasing numbers of inquiries about the morning drama serials in recent years. Hit comedy, Ama-chan has so far been broadcast in 11 countries and regions, mainly in South-East Asia. In the Philippines, various events were organized this year for the start of broadcasts of the dubbed local language version of the serial. A dubbed English language version of Bon-Appetit! is also now in production for future distribution overseas.      

In addition to the morning drama serials, other NHK programs already promoting a better understanding of Japan through their broadcast in other countries include the historical ‘Taiga’ dramas, documentaries and animations. NHK is actively promoting international dissemination under its new corporate plan. The morning drama serials rank among NHK’s most popular drama productions for further international growth.