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ABU and RTM team up in training of BBS Producers

Today marks the end of one-week long training workshop in Kuala Lumpur where 18 staff members from BBS-Bhutan discussed and shared experiences on various issues related to ‘The Art of Storytelling’.

They are radio and television producers, video and audio editors and cameramen who participated in the workshop, organised jointly by the ABU and RTM-Malaysia. At the closing ceremony yesterday evening, RTM Director of Programmes reiterated her support to enhance capacity building of other ABU members.

RTM trainers and ABU Programming representatives previewed three audio tracks and one television clip produced by the participants, followed by constructive remarks. Mr Wangchuk who leads the Bhutanese delegation said this workshop is of utmost importance for BBS which is a young broadcaster and will allow its staff to be more imaginative and creative.

The Bhutan Broadcasting ServiceBBS is the public radio and television service of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is fully funded by the State.