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DBS 2016 Conference to address key areas of interest to members

The ABU’s annual Digital Broadcasting Symposium will be held from the 29-Feb to 3-Mar at Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur. The 3-day conference is set to address wide range of topics covering the entire gamut of radio and TV broadcasting and issues pertaining to media industry.

The 2016 symposium, with the theme “Innovating Digital Connections”, will showcase how the integration of media and communication technologies are helping to bring further innovation, improve efficiency, increase reach, creating new revenue streams and drive development of creative content bringing more choice for the audience and benefits to the industry as a whole.

More than 60 eminent speakers and industry experts will be presenting at the conference and workshops sessions.

Some of the key areas of discussions at the symposium include;

  • Multiplatform delivery of media content in the future
  • Workflow efficiency through cloud-based systems
  • Integrated media and communication environment
  • Making the best out of OTT and content delivery networks and services
  • Immersive audio and video experiences – the next step
  • Effective interaction and second screen experience through IBB technology
  • Digitalisation of audio video archives – preserving the heritage

This is the 12th symposium organized by the ABU, and the event has gained a prominent position in the industry events calendar.  This composite event with an industry exhibition, international conference and technology workshops attract broadcasters and media professionals from around the world.

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