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CCTV-China proposes new kids content for Spring Festival

As from February 7 for Chinese Spring Festival, ZooMoo will be broadcast daily on CCTV14, CCTV’s dedicated kids’ network. The original programme will be available to more than 240 million viewers at prime time.

Originally created as a standalone channel, ZooMoo will be repackaged into 60 half-hour episodes co-produced by ZooMoo Networks, its creative team at NHNZ, and CCTV. CCTV Animation Studios will also produce original animated content that will air on ZooMoo in territories around the world.

ZooMoo will be titled Animal Friends in Mandarin and will feature the new Chinese animal puppets Panda and Snub-Nosed Monkey. The CCTV series will also include local stories, traditional Chinese arts and crafts activities, and originally composed songs combining traditional Chinese and modern music styles.

Zhuang Dianjun, the head of CCTV Kids, commented: “ZooMoo is a program produced under the China New Zealand Production Agreement, signed during President Xi Jinping’s state visit in 2014. In the trial screenings, we found that Chinese kids love the content, just as they love nature and animals.”