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ABU and its Members Celebrate World Radio Day

Radio is the most important medium in emergency situations because of its  immediacy, flexibility and reach unsurpassed by any other media. That’s the message from the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union as World Radio Day 2016 is marked internationally under the theme “Radio in times of emergency and disasters”.

In his audio message the ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi urges  all ABU radio members and relevant agencies in disaster preparedness to use national, regional and community radio not only when disasters strike but to prepare their audiences in the “quiet time” between disasters to get out of the harms way.  For the audio message which is available in two formats, please go to these links:

Members of ABU and its sister unions ASBU, CBU and EBU, joined the Musical Caravan – a song journey around the world in 80 minutes. The caravan starts from Solomon Islands, the nearest country to International Date Line, and continues travelling west, crossing the participating 32 countries on its way. Each participating radio station contributed to the musical journey a song representing the culture of their country and can use the whole compilation copyright free. 

Since 2012, on the initiative of UNESCO, 13 February is  celebrated globaly as a World Radio Day, celebrating the power of the oldest electronic mass medium, which continues to thrive and inform, educate and entertain hundreds of millions of people across the world.