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All India Radio Upgrades its terrestrial transmission systems

Indian public broadcaster, AIR is partnering with Nautel on High-Power, MW Digital Radio Deployment. As a matter of fact, digital radio transmissions on the AM band could be soon at the 100, 200, 300 KW level and higher. 

All India Radio is upgrading its terrestrial transmission systems across the country. Digital Radio Mondiale technology is used for the digital modulation. 

The transmitter systems used for the All India Radio contract are all based on Nautel’s proven NX series of transmitters. The NX Series are all discrete transmitter designs for 100, 200, 300 and 400 kW. Using these transmitter building blocks Nautel can achieve even higher power levels up to 2 Megawatts using combining technologies.

Concerning the distribution of its network programming, AIR has dedicated satellite links y using microwave STL for the main and also fibre links and some IP based links. They create the linking in real time and do not follow store and transmit mode. Some stations are networked and main news is always networked from New Delhi.