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Cross-Platform Media is the new world order

“Creative Content For Enhanced Experiences” was the main topic discussed during the first session of Day 3 of DBS 2016.

Speakers shared their views on the importance of putting content on different platforms. This shift in media delivery offers new opportunities to both content creators and viewers and online content is perceived today as the new world order.

Jaeheon Song of KBS Korea who is also the chairperson of the ABU Programme Committee took as example the New Journey to the West broadcast by KBS which received 53 million hits. Through online comments made by users, the programme was broadcast several times during peak hours on television and posted online where it could be watched anywhere and anytime. With the advertising revenue effects, Jaeheon underlined that content creators can make money without traditional linear screens. However, Jaya Mahajan, Consultant, Factual for Asia insisted that Content is still King. “Whatever platform we choose, we will always need to have a good story”, she said.

Other speakers included Abdul Hakim Amir from Astro-Malaysia who talked about the importance of branded content. His organisation opted for specific programmes and series from India, Mexico and US which became very popular among Malaysian viewers. ‘Technology Enhances Creativity’ was the theme of the presentation made by the third speaker for the session, Tuan Haji Radzi, MD of Les Copaque Production.