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Listeners Win with Digital Radio

DBS 2016 focused on digital radio and its benefits to all stakeholders. Priority is for listeners who can enjoy a new radio culture. DBS’ principal sponsor, WorldDAB presented the half-day workshop on 29 February with the theme: ‘Moving Forward with DAB+’.

Joan Warner, Vice President Asia-Pacific and Bernie O’Neil, Project Director at WorldDAB explained how the DAB+ technology is expanding in various countries around the world. In the Asia-Pacific region, countries like Australia, Hong Kong and Vietnam have made a lot of progress in adopting the technology. Trials and investigations are still underway in other countries such as New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea.

All speakers including Lindsay Cornell of BBC who is also WorldDAB Technical Committee Chair and Jorn Jensen of NRK-Norway are unanimous about the fact that radio should be digital for listeners to be winners. They all agree that the DAB+ technology is the new trend, cost-effective and need good collaboration among all stakeholders.