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International Women’s Day: ABU joins global celebration coordinated by UNESCO

For many years ABU has been supporting gender equality in media. As a leading player in the Global Alliance on Media and Gender, ABU spares no effort in guiding its members to develop fair employment policies and gender balanced content.

Every year on the 8th of March, the Union participates actively in the global celebration of the International Women’s Day coordinated by UNESCO.  ABU is proud to note that an increasing number of its broadcast member organisations are marking this special day with special programmes. ABU invites its members to continue with relevant programming and play their role to strengthen gender equality.

The ABU Secretary-General, in his message on the occasion of the International Women’s Day said that “among our members we have shining examples of women leading great organisations. But still, there is so much to do to harness the talent, the energy and creativity of half of our population. As a Vice – Chair of the Global Alliance on Media and Gender ABU is leading the way to achieve fair representation of women in media and fair portrayal of women across programmes.”

The ABU as a great and growing organisation of more than 275 members in the Asia-Pacific region is committed to gender equality in the media. The result has been the development of the Broadcasting for All campaign focusing on practical projects to include the whole of our potential audience of more than four billion people.

ABU appeals to the usual collaboration of members and invites them to complete the Commitment Form on this link.