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ABC-Australia Programming to focus on Health

For more than 80 years, the ABC has been telling uniquely Australian stories and producing content that helps us understand our society, our future and each other.

OUR FOCUS is a new initiative that sees the full breadth of the ABC storytelling come together to start a national conversation on important issues and events that connect us all.

In a week of special programming, OUR FOCUS, Health will put Australia’s health under the spotlight with a week of dedicated programming across TV, Radio, News and Digital. We will surface questions such as: How healthy is our health system? What are the recurring national problems, like obesity, melanoma, substance abuse and mental health?

With advances in medicine, costs of treatment, and our ever-aging population, how will we as a nation face the demand ahead? What challenges do we face with a system that needs to cater for everything from the most remote Indigenous community to the busiest city hospital?

The ABC will play a valuable role in exploring this complex topic and will lead the national conversation on this important subject.