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ABU to award the best programmes on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

As the registration opens for the 2nd ABU Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, the first entries to a new documentary competition start to arrive.

The ABU Awards on Climate Change and DRR will honour the best films addressing the pressing issues of climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness. For information on the rules of the competition, categories and Entry Form, please go to (ABU TV Awards on CCDRR). 

The competition is attached to the annual ABU Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction. The second edition of the Summit will be held 12 – 14 May 2016 in Krabi, Thailand, under the title Media Meets Climate Change and Disaster Challenges. It is hosted by the Thai Public Service Broadcasting in Krabi province which was badly hit by the 2004 earthquake and tsunami. 

The Summit will bring together more than 200 media professionals, scientists, educators, representatives of UN organisations, government agencies and NGOs, involved in climate change mitigation, risk management and early warnings for disasters. They will develop strategies to work together with the media to prepare their audiences for the dramatic effects of climate change and future increased natural hazards. 

The registration is opened on the ABU website – You can find details of the Krabi Summit at If you need more information, please contact

Over the last decade the ABU has emerged as a global campaigner to integrate media in national and regional mechanisms for Early Warnings and Disaster Risk Reduction. ABU leads the media stakeholder group in the implementation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, agreed by 168 governments in March 2015.