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ABU Media Summit to focus on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

What is the current status of the science of climate change? How can media reach vulnerable people in times of disasters? What are the new models, technologies and solutions in dealing with Climate Change (CC) and Disaster Risk reduction (DRR)? How can disaster information be disseminated to everybody and through different devices?

Answers to all these questions and other relevant issues concerning disasters will be discussed during the 2nd ABU Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in Thailand from 12-14 May 2016 under the title Media Meets Climate Change and Disaster Challenges. The Summit is hosted by the Thai Public Service Broadcasting in Krabi province which was badly hit by the 2004 earthquake and tsunami.  

Along with the Summit, the ABU Awards on Climate Change and DRR will honour the best films addressing the pressing issues of climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness. For information on the rules of the competition, categories and Entry Form, please go to (ABU TV Awards on CCDRR).