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Mark Scott completes his term as Managing Director of ABC-Australia

Mark Scott completes his term as Managing Director at the end of April after ten years leading the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Last week in a special edition of Media Watch, he spoke with host Paul Barry about the challenges of the job, the ABC’s transition to digital and the future of the public broadcaster in an increasingly challenging media environment.

In an email to his staff last year, Scott stated, “Earlier this year I indicated to the Board that I was planning to leave the ABC at the end of my second term which is in the middle of 2016.In the interim, there is a lot to be done, with a number of big projects underway. I am particularly focused on our audience strategy, the development of our digital offerings, hitting our budget targets and making the case for tri-funding.”

Prior to commencing at the ABC, Scott had previously held a senior role at Fairfax Media, responsible for the editorial content of the group’s major newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma of Education and a Master of Arts from the University of Sydney; and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, USA. On 13 June 2011, Scott was named an Officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to media and communications, and to the community through advisory and governance roles with a range of social justice and educational bodies.