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ABU to strengthen Cooperation between Asian and European Broadcasters in Beijing

Media 2020, a joint project by ABU and Radio Romania will be held for the first time in Asia. This one-day conference will be organised in conjunction with ABU RadioAsia Conference and ABU Radio Song Festival 2016. The three events hosted by China National Radio-CNR will take place from 25-27 April in Beijing.

Different topics will be discussed during the RadioAsia Conference on 25 and 26 April. Ben Williams, Director of Beyond Broadcasting will involve participants in an interactive workshop which will focus on the importance of Interviews in radio programming. Another workshop will look into the latest tools broadcasters can use to link their radio programmes and social media to achieve maximum audience engagement. The conference will cover other topics such as Storytelling, Radio on Different Platforms, Interactivity and Public Service Radio Broadcasting.

The 4th ABU Song Festival is scheduled on 26 April at a Gala night where a line-up of talented artists from the Asia-Pacific region will perform. CNR, being the host organisation will present two acts. The guest artist will be Analia Selis from Radio Romania-ROR. The event will also be enriched by a concert titled “The Violin of George Enescu” organised by Radio Romania on 27 April.

Media 2020 Conference will be an opportunity for participants to know how can and should European and Asian broadcasters do more to help each other through greater collaboration. The conference on the 27 April will be a platform for broadcasters of both continents to network and benefit from each other’s experience. Topics to be discussed include: UHDTV and Surround Sound, Radio in the Digital Age, Social Media, and Asian and European Media Cooperation.