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NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories: Open House 2016

The NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories will hold its Open House 2016 for introducing the latest R&D to the general public over the 4 days of May 26 to 29. This 70th Open House will exhibit 27 R&D topics centered on 5 fields for creating new broadcasting systems and services:

  • New development of Super Hi-Vision
  • Internet utilization technology for future broadcast services
  • Smart production technologies that links to wide range of societal information
  • 3D television for generating natural 3D images
  • New devices to reach future broadcast technology

8K (Super Hi-Vision) test satellite broadcasting starts on August. The future vision of 8K can be experienced at the Open House including a sheet-style large-screen display developed for home use. 3D TV for viewing natural 3D images without special glasses can also be shown. With the 8K-resolution-panel, integral 3D TV provides a wider viewing range of natural 3D vision than the model exhibited last year.

As in previous years, the latest 8K content will be screened in the 8K Super Hi-Vision theatre, and the lectures and research studies will be presented. There will be guided tours by researchers and special events for children on the weekend, May 28 and 29.