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Give the Audience what they want

Two workshops focusing on the need to adapt radio programming in a fast changing media environment were held in conjunction with the 11th RadioAsia Conference, hosted by China National Radio in Beijing.

Guests from across the Asia-Pacific participated enthusiastically in the interactive sessions. Ben Williams from Beyond broadcasting, UK, re-examined the role of the interview as an integral part of talk radio. He spoke about the basic principles of conducting an interview that really meets the expectations of the audience. Mr Williams paid special attention to practical details like what to do and what not to do, how to make an interviewee open up and who exactly is an expert.

The theme of the second workshop was how broadcasters can utilize the power of social media to their advantage by connecting more closely to the audience. The facilitator, Steve Ahern, of Ahern Media and Training said that for the first time radio programs are made not only for the audience but also with them. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in possession of a smart phone, who is taking pictures of the family is necessarily a journalist. It is all in the content and the difference between radio professionals and amateurs is the knowledge and the integrity of the former. Because, as the facilitator pointed out, despite the increasing presence of social media in radio, its main purpose will remain to inform and educate.