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ABU Workshop highlights Climate Change and Food Security issues

A four day ABU/FAO workshop on climate change, food security and the role of media in tackling these issues is being held in the Thai resort of Krabi. The workshop is within the framework of the 2nd ABU Media Summit on Media Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). TV and radio journalists from eight ABU member countries participate in the practical training session, which objective is to produce news stories worthy of broadcasting in their respective countries.  

Experts from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in the region presented  a detailed account of the problems facing not only Asia-Pacific but the whole of the world and the possible solutions. They stressed that there was no time for further delays and that actions have to be taken now. The trainers talked about the need to bring the best practices in mitigating climate change to the local communities. They said that a complex and complicated matter has to be translated by TV and radio reporters into understandable human stories which have direct impact on the audience. 

The participants were engaged in a lively and productive discussion on how to make climate change and food security stories attractive for the viewers and the listeners. TV and radio reporters from ABU member countries have the opportunity to visit a fishery near Krabi and to interview both experts and local fishermen about the effect of climate change on their industry. At the end of the workshop, the trainers are giving feedback and suggesting more ideas for news stories directly related to climate change and food security.