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WELCOME TO KRABI and the 2nd ABU Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

You can view the Summit live at 

The theme of the conference is ‘Media Meets Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Challenges’.

Over 200 participants from over 25 countries are discussing a variety of issues related to what has been defined as the biggest problem facing humanity. The focus is on the role of media in reporting on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.

Other topics of the summit range from Media for Disaster Literacy to Building Resilient Communities. Experts from the United Nations and other international organisations, media professionals and university lecturers are exchanging   views and share their experiences on matters related to climate change mitigation, risk management and early warnings for disasters.  They hope to develop strategies to work together with the media to prepare people for the dramatic effects of climate change and future increased natural hazards.

Events on the side-lines of the Summit include ABU/FAO Workshop on Climate Change and Food Security running from 10-15 May 2016, TV Awards on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction  on 13 May 2016, and Partnership Dialogue on 14 May 2016.