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EM TV-Papua New Guinea to broadcast new content from Pasifika TV

EM TV is among four free-to-air TV stations to broadcast Pasifika TV content in Papua New Guinea very soon.

Audiences will continue to enjoy the many interesting television programmes from New Zealand on the new channel Pasifika TV made possible through the Pacific Broadcasting Initiative.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea Tony Fautua said at the launch in Port Moresby last week the initiative had brought Pacific content to the people in the region with the aim to inform and educate and entertain, apart from sports, news and current affairs.

The initiative was announced by NZ Prime Minister John Key late last year and since then it has continued to improve programme content for viewers.

“The New Zealand government is proud to support this initiative and we are grateful to the New Zealand and international content providers for their generosity in providing the content at no cost to the Pacific,” Fautua said.

Also as part of this initiative, there will be a training programme for local technicians such as camera operators, vision switchers and studio technicians to help them build skills across the region. Pasifika TV content is available on Papua New Guinea’s local free-to-air TV stations, NBC, EM TV, TVWAN and Click TV.