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The 58th ABU Sports Group Conference and Related Meetings will be held from 28-30 May 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The ABU Sports is in the process of implementing several initiatives as part of its strategies in the coming years. These includes the “Production and Transmission Services to Digital Content Sharing Platform and Training” among others.

The ABU Sports team will share the initiatives with members at its up-coming Sports Group conference and related meetings in Colombo this month. The strategic initiatives focus on sharing expertise and training. It is expected to help enhancing host broadcasting services and capacity within members, help subsidising license fee and production and transmission costs in the long run.

The ABU Sports will also bid for the role of host broadcaster or co-host broadcaster’s role with support from its members in planning and implementation. For example, KBS Korea, and CCTV China provided full support and backed up ABU Sports efforts to bid as Host Broadcaster for AIMAG 2017.

According to the ABU Sports Director, Cai Yanjiang, some of its members are a repository of content, which can be shared either for free or for a minimal charge. The ABU Content Sharing Platform, he said, will act as bazaar for trade. The Platform is also designed eventually to live stream international sporting and other events for the members.

The conference among others, will also see presentation on fast evolving sports industry especially in Asia. Delegates will share market situation, challenges and opportunities in their countries and region. The conference will also feature presentation on up-coming events like the Beach Games in Vietnam later this year to SEA Games 2017, and AIMAG 2017.

The 58th Sport Group Conference and Related Meetings will be inaugurated by the Sri Lankan Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media.