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2016 ABU News Group Meeting gets underway in Sydney

The annual ABU News Group Meeting, which brings together the head of news and senior officials, kicked off yesterday with the aim of improving the overall Asiavision news exchange operations.

The three-day 2016 edition of the meeting, from 1-3 June, is being held in Sydney with ABC-Australia as the host. Asiavision is the daily TV news exchange program run by the News Department of the ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union).

Following the welcome and opening remarks, the AVN Centre presented reports on its activities and operations. A total of six AVN members then presented their reports on their AVN operations. This was followed by AVN partners presenting their reports on enhancing cooperation with Asiavision.

The first day’s meeting concluded yesterday with a closed session (reserved for AVN members only) to deliberate and decide on internal matters.

ABC has arranged a full-day news reporting workshop on the second day and participants will visit UTS University, a journalism school in Australia.