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ABU Sports embark on New Initiatives

The ABU Sports Group Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, over the weekend has taken several steps towards enhanced cooperation among its members. These include, the content sharing platform, production and transmission service, and activities related to training.

Members shared their experiences and feedback on the initiatives and expressed their support while, there were also concerns raised over its effectiveness. Delegates said the intention behind the initiatives however, is good for members and the union in the long run.

Closing the conference, the Chairman of the ABU Sports Group, Jiang Heping said, the initiatives are not simply a plan or a proposal anymore. What we now need is action. If ABU Sports is to move ahead, such new initiatives and strategies must be welcomed and implemented.

Delivering the keynote address at the opening of the conference the Sri Lankan Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media, Honourable Gayantha Karunathilake described the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union as a tower of strength to the broadcasters in Asia.

The three day conference saw several presentations from members in what is called the “members forum”. Presentations were made by delegates from Iran, Thailand, India, Afghanistan and China.

The ABU and the Host Broadcast Services also signed a memorandum of understanding at the conference. The MoU, which is in consonant with “ABU’s New Initiatives, the training academy. This is expected to benefit members in terms of capacity development. 

The conference also saw presentation on the up-coming events like – the Beach Games in Vietnam later this year, the SEA Games 2017 in Malaysia, and the AIMAG 2017 in Turkmenistan. Among others, the members were also able to discuss and share several sporting events, such as Rio Olympics. 

The next Sports Group Conference will take place in Bali, Indonesia on the side-lines of the ABU General Assembly in October.