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VTV-Vietnam committed to offer high quality OTT content

Vietnam Television –VTV, the country’s leading broadcaster, is using state-of-the-art equipment to support efficient delivery of high-quality content, including premium sports events, via its new live OTT offering.

VTV has augmented its existing installation of Harmonic gear with a new Polaris Play channel-in-a-box automation system, Spectrum ChannelPort integrated channel playout system, Electra X2 advanced media processor and ProMedia Package multiscreen stream packager, along with Kaltura’s OTT TV, content management, service delivery platform and user experience management to accelerate deployment and the launch of new OTT services.

“OTT TV has quickly become a popular choice among consumers in Vietnam, but the success of such services still depends on delivery of compelling content characterized by exceptional visual quality,” said Dr. Pham Anh Chien, Managing Director of the VTV Digital Center. “Harmonic addresses these requirements with its acclaimed portfolio of low-latency IP video products, which ensure that we can deliver even fast-paced live sports events with remarkable picture quality. As a result, we’re equipped to offer the best possible service to our OTT customers watching here in Vietnam and in overseas markets.”