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NHK World to broadcast Haiku Masters for global audience

NHK WORLD TV’s HAIKU MASTERS is an interactive program featuring “photo haiku,” the combination of an English three-line poem and a photograph. Viewers across the globe send their compositions in, and haiku poet Michio Nakahara provides interpretation. A Haiku Master of the Month award is presented monthly for the best contribution, and the work is posted on the program’s website. More than 2,500 compositions have already come in from 75 countries and territories.

Each episode is set somewhere in Japan that has particular haiku associations. This time, two episodes take place in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture at the western part of Japan, a locale that has given birth to many modern haiku poets, including Shiki Masaoka and Kyoshi Takahama. Haiku composition is so much a part of everyday life there that haiku post boxes are found all over town. Viewers can enjoy the discussion of outstanding photo haiku and savor the area’s atmosphere. The attractions include the main hall of Shiki’s beloved Dogo hot spring and part of the Shikoku Henro pilgrimage route, which is proving popular with visitors from overseas these days.

Part One of the programme will be broadcast as from 27 June and will be repeated several times. Part Two is scheduled on 25 July. The programmes will be broadcast from13:30-13:58 (JST).