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SBS Australia refreshes its On-Demand Video

SBS-Australia will refresh its OTT service and extend its reach across more devices this year. The Australian broadcaster re-launched the SBS On Demand website in June last year and together with Accedo will now look to continue to roll-out the fresh video experience across all existing platforms.

“Accedo is helping take the SBS On Demand video experience to the next level by simplifying the complexities of delivering a consistent, dynamic user experience across every screen. As audience consumption habits continue to evolve, SBS On Demand is central to SBS’s commitment to exploring and celebrating diversity through inspired entertainment using cutting edge technology and our partnership with Accedo is a key to its continued success,” commented Head of SBS On Demand David Gwynne.

The refreshed SBS On Demand experience will offer an uncluttered and engaging new interface that will make it even easier for viewers to explore and enjoy the 4000 hours plus videos available.