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Japanese Food Served on NHK WORLD Website

Fans of Japanese food around the world have a new place to turn for information about the country’s cuisine. NHK WORLD is adding a JAPANESE FOOD page to the NHK WORLD ONLINE website on June 20th. The page will introduce Japan’s culinary traditions and provide links to programs, including NHK WORLD TV’s Dining with the Chef and RADIO JAPAN’s Let’s Cook Japanese.

The service will feature detailed recipes and explanations of the ingredients of traditional washoku dishes, home cooking, and original creations. It also will highlight the cultural context, such as seasonal festivals when various foods are served. New Year celebrations, cherry blossom parties, and many other events all have flavors associated with them.

UNESCO has recognized Japan’s traditional food culture as part of the intangible cultural heritage. Make it part of your culture with NHK WORLD.