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NDTV to introduce HD feed for NDTV Good Times

The flagship channel of NDTV Lifestyle will soon be launching a high-definition (HD) feed of its NDTV Good Times channel. The concerned television broadcaster is planning to corroborate with other branding partners after cordoning off with Kingfisher, at the beginning of April this year.

NDTV Good Times, launched in 2007, essentially broadcasts its shows revolving around food, travel, fitness and health and fashion. After its deal for advertisement was expired at the end of March, the broadcaster made its way into the local-language market with the introduction of a Tamil audio feed for NDTV Good Times. Hitherto, the channel is looking forward to further venture in other local-languages such as Bengali and Telugu, thus trying to reach for a greater viewership for its lifestyle content.

Smeeta Chakrabarti, the Chief Executive Officer of NDTV Lifestyle said: “The quality of the viewing experience is so much better and some clients will want to advertise on HD only so it is something that we are seriously considering”.