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NHK-Japan builds 8K media player

Japan’s NHK Media Technology has created an 8K60p video media player, dubbed HyperCUBE MHP-8000, made from four of Blackmagic’s HyperDeck Studio 12G.

“Currently, 8K players on the market are very expensive,” said Kazuki Naito, Manager of the business development division of NHK Media Technology’s broadcast engineering department. “I’ve heard there simply is not the demand for it yet, and utilising the technology is complex. I wanted to create an 8K player at a lower price to counteract these issues and hopefully get this technology out to the broader market.”

The mechanism underlying HyperCUBE is based on four “sync controllers,” which were also invented by NHK to keep all four HyperDeck Studio 12G in sync. This allows the 8K player to display by syncing each of the four outputs equally by 1/4 size of the screen. The operation itself is very simple with a fully automatic playback.

Mr Naito added that “Even with the lower price of HyperCUBE we understood that some would not be able to use it immediately so we also created an opportunity for them to rent the solution and we hope a lot of people will have the ability to experience 8K footage.”