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NHK WORLD – Grand Sumo Highlights

Six grand sumo tournaments take place every year in Japan. The action-packed sport includes wrestlers from other countries and attracts fans around the world. They now have a way to keep up with the excitement.

NHK WORLD TV is starting GRAND SUMO Highlights a daily round-up of the bouts, with the Nagoya tournament from 11-25 July 2016 (0130-0153 JST). The programme focuses on the top Makuuchi division and the most rousing matches of the day.

With an average weight of more than 160 kg, when sumo wrestlers step into the sacred ring, they embark upon a battle of the titans.

Sumo’s long history makes it one of the most Japanese of all sports. GRAND SUMO Highlights includes introductions to that history and ‘Sumopedia’ vignettes on Saturday and Sunday.

This is a sensational time for sumo, with a yokozuna (grand champion) chasing a record and a collection of ozeki (champion) wrestlers closing in on the top rank. NHK WORLD TV extends the excitement to viewers across the globe with this new program.