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Outline of Rio Paralympic Games Broadcasts

NHK will, for the first time, broadcast Paralympic events live daily on General TV all through the games for viewers to follow the Japanese athletes’ performances and enjoy the attractions of the Paralympics. The Rio Paralympic Games will run for 12 days from September 8-19, Japan time.

The time difference between Japan and Rio is 12 hours. General TV provides much live relays from the     early hours into the morning. A daily Paralympic Time round-up of each day’s events will be broadcast after 10 pm, also including fresh live images from on-going events. Recorded events will also be broadcast from 1 pm, for viewers who missed the live relays in the morning.

The Educational TV channel will, for the first time, present a special program for people with visual and

hearing impairment in the 8 pm slot for everyone to enjoy the events to the full. This will provide full verbal commentary for people with seeing difficulties, sign language presentation in the studio for those with hearing difficulties, and also subtitles.

In the evening hours, there will be a recorded broadcast of one high-profile event from such sports as Wheelchair Basketball. Over 120 hours of TV broadcasts are anticipated. The total for the London Games was about 45 hours.

The Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and high-profile events such as Wheelchair Tennis will be broadcast on Radio 1 for the first time.

Live streaming, recorded video catch-up and other services will be provided for the first time for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.