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NHK World TV broadcasts in HD on Astra 19.2

NHK World TV has started broadcasting in HD via Astra 1KR at 19.2 degrees East, and the SD channel is currently simulcast to allow for a smooth transition from SD to HD quality.

This follows a long-term agreement between the Luxemburg-based satellite operator SES and  the Japanese public broadcaster NHK to broadcast the 24/7 in HD. The number of HDTV homes in Europe has tripled over the past five years, and 78% of European satellite HDTV homes receive their TV channels from SES. In Europe, the number of HDTV channels broadcast by SES has grown by more than 30% over the last three years to nearly 700 channels.

“The expansion of HDTV continues to be an important growth driver for SES. SES is proud to be broadcasting the HD signal of such a premium news broadcaster from Japan in the European market,” said Ferdinand Kayser, CCO of SES.

“As NHK World TV already reaches a wide audience in other markets via SES satellites, this agreement reaffirms their confidence in our ability to deliver highly reliable broadcasting services. Better picture quality is undoubtedly becoming very important to the European audience,” said Yoshihiko Shimizu, President and CEO of Japan International Broadcasting.