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Channel NewsAsia presents Powerlist Asia

Power List Asia returns for a fifth season to feature the who’s who in Asia’s business circles – the men and women with the power to influence markets, shape consumer habits and inspire lifestyle changes.

Channel NewsAsia’s Karen Lam hosts this intimate and insightful series to learn and understand how these influential founders, charismatic managers, and maverick CEOs navigate the fast-changing business trends and dynamics in Asia.  As the series takes a peek into the less-often exposed sides of these movers and shakers, each episode of the 12-part series reveals what it takes to run some of the biggest and best companies in Asia.

In the first episode, Karen speaks with Mr Rusdi Kirana, Chief Executive Officer of Indonesia’s Lion Group and an economic adviser to Indonesian President Joko Widodo.  How did Mr Kirana, once a wandering typewriter salesman, go on to build one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines?

Power List Asia 5 will be aired from 11-14 August 2016.