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Rio 2016: Beach Volleyball Production Site

Beach Volleyball Production Site Visit


One of the high demand events, Beach volleyball games are being held at Beach Volleyball Arena (BVA) in Copacabana area.

As for the production of the international signal, A Canadian production team; Dome Production  is in total charge of the technical aspects. And there are two multinational production teams from different country, Canada and USA. The former to do the morning session and the latter evening session.

There are 16 cameras dispatched for world feed broadcasting including 2 highspeed slo-mo, 2 super slo-mo, 1 designated ENG for Multi Clips Feed; MCF, several robotic mini cams, 1 6M jib arm, and a linear cable cam in the air.

1. The generators with UPS to provide secure and stable power.      
2.  Main OB Van with canopy to protect heat up.

3. Production room, the heart of feed production with director in position.
4. MCF editing: Providing multi clip feed with isolated feeds and a designated ENG

5. Slo-mo Production Team: Retranslating the event with editing the isolated feeds.

6. A video engineering team modulating the camera control unit through OCP.

7. NBC sports OB van doing a unilateral production.