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Rio 2016: Archery World Feed Production Site

Archery World Feed Production Site Visit


Sport of concentration, art of equilibrium is the Archery. The traditional venue for carnival samba school parades, the Sambódromo has been modified to have the archers around the world gathered to compete during Rio 2016.

As for the production of the international signal, A Korean production team; a coalition of SBS and MBC is taking the job with a European OB van. 29 people are working together as a director, a TD, graphics assistants, slo-mo operators, video and audio engineers, camera operators and even spotters and runners.

There are 16 cameras dispatched for the feed production including 2 highspeed cameras with 300 fps and 150 fps frame rate each for arrow shots, 2 super slo-mo cameras, 2 bullseye compact mini cameras, several robotic mini cams, 1 polecam, and a curved tracking remote camera on the range. And the team can handle all the isolated feeds with 5 slo-mo chains, 4 4X2 EVS machines and a 6X2 one.


Panoramic view of the shooting range from the media tribune

Tilt-shift high angle shot of the venue. For Rio 2016, new some stands were installed.

OB van stationed under the overpass bridge.

Main shot camera on the platform, SSM and HSSM cameras on risers behind shooting range.


Curved tracking camera system; Trackmini and portabe jib; polecam.

An ONC news coverage crew geared up with easy rig.