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Rio 2016: TPT Thailand

TPT, the little giant of Olympic broadcast in Southeast Asia

The US NBC has over 3,000 staffs in Rio de Janeiro to cover the Olympics. About 2,500 from USA and 600 plus local employees for Games time only. Yet the TPT, The Television Pool of Thailand has only deployed 33 people to bring the whole Olympics to the 67 million people in Thailand.

Being consisted of a production team with 5 staffs and 28 ENG team crews, they contribute and distribute the Olympic contents of their own including news coverages, ENG highlights, and  unilateral stand-ups, etc.

Yes. They are small in numbers compared to the major players in Olympic broadcast, but a giant in serving their country and people. Saúde to the TPT colleagues!


An overall view of the production and ENG teams office.


Production team staffs working in the office for programming.
A multi-feed transmission monitoring panel and a digital router remote controller.


Portable recorder-editors connected the router controller to receive feed inputs.
Colonel Chuchat, leading the coalition team with seasoned experience.