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Excellent Participation at ABU Webinar Festival 2016

This year, the webinar series “ABU Festival of Technology Webinars” was held from 17 August to 09 September 2016. Participation was open free of cost to all ABU members and others in the industry interested in broadcast technologies and its applications.

The webinar sessions were run twice each day, one session in the morning and then the same repeated in the afternoon. This was to facilitate the participation of attendees from different time zones. Each webinar session was around 60 minutes, starting with presentation(s) by experts on the subject matter followed by a Question and Answer session.

The webinar sessions was grouped under the six following main themes, with a total of 19 days (37 webinar sessions) presented throughout the month long festival.

  • Digital Radio
  • Archiving, Media Management and Workflow Enhancements
  • Digital Television
  • Immersive Media Technologies
  • Beyond HD and Alternate Delivery Platforms in Broadcast
  • OTT and IBB Technologies

The Webinar festival received 244 registrations from participants within the region and outside. More than 800 participant-sessions from more than 100 organisations in nearly 40 countries attended the webinar festival.