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SBS Korea acquires new 4K OB Vans

The South Korean broadcaster, SBS has acquired an Alphaline 12 4K OB van from Broadcast Solutions, GmbH. The German System Integrator and OB Van specialist presented it together with a Streamline S8 4K OB van at this year’s IBC.

By providing these OB Vans as a product, Broadcast Solutions underlines their approach to deliver high-class production tools in the shortest time possible, and in 4K. Furthermore the two OB vans exemplify the refinement of the Streamline OB Family concept. They are conceived with pre-configuration to ensure the fastest delivery but they are flexible enough to adapt to the customer’s needs, without ceasing its principles of fast delivery, cost-effectiveness and durability.

For years, South Korean broadcaster and Broadcast Solutions have enjoyed a long lasting relationship, with the OB van presented at IBC being the second unit built for the SBS.