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Channel NewsAsia presents Life with Figures

IT Figures returns for a fifth season with host Justin Bratton as he explains and sometimes debunks the statistics that we see in our daily lives. When does a number become scary and when does a percentage mean good news?  The 12-part series simplifies complicated statistics for viewers to understand if a statistic is misleading, whether it reveals more than what is originally presented, and how to utilize those numbers used in news reports.  To provide further insights, Justin embarks on a mission to make the stories behind the statistics accessible, relevant and uncannily timely.

In the hour-long debut episode – Riding London’s Buses – Justin explores how transport operators Tower Transit and Go-Ahead (under Singapore’s new bus contracting model) have excelled in London.  Justin travels the busiest bus routes, drives a double decker bus, and visits one of the world’s most advanced control rooms.

The programme will be aired next week from 3 to 5 October.