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NHK-Japan marks the first Half Year of Kunamoto Earthquake

NHK World TV will mark a half year since the Kunamoto Earthquake in April with news reports and programmes that focus on the affected areas and other parts of Kyushu, southern Japan.

There will be reports on the latest situation of the region, the reconstruction process and forward-looking efforts of residents. The programming is grouped under the title “Kyushu: Waiting for You”. Japan Railway Journal, and other shows will feature the area along with reports produced by the NHK’s Kunamoto and Oita stations.

During the week of 10 October, the hourly NHK NEWSLINE and the 8 p.m NEWSROOM TOKYO news magazine will present live reports from NHK’s Kunamoto, Oita, Fukuoka and Kagoshima stations. The programme also will include stories about people, places, and the way of life unique to the region.

All programmes will be broadcast from 7 to 11 October, 2016.