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Channel NewsAsia presents The Maritime Silk Road

The Maritime Silk Road is China’s grand trillion-dollar plan to link up over 60 percent of the world’s population of 4.4 billion people across 65 countries. This will create new trading routes, and cement China’s position as a global superpower. How will this plan impact our lives? To find out, the 6-part series takes viewers into unreported worlds in Africa. The producers will also investigate the role that China is playing in Malaysia’s 1MDB saga and journey across the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

As China’s economy slows, how is the New Silk Road designed to prop up the economy? In the first episode – A City Divided – the producers visit China’s super ports of the future and explore how China’s Maritime Silk Road will address the problems of its slowing economy. Also, there is split public opinion in Hong Kong over China’s Silk Road plan that has caused thousands of people to gather in Hong Kong to protest against China. How will China deal with such a situation?

The programme will be aired from 18-19 October 2016.