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GA 2016: ABU Programming to focus on Content at its 2-day meeting in Bali

Encouraging new ideas for new activities, engaging more members and to focus more on content will guide the ABU Programming Department for the coming months, the ABU Director of Programming, Mr Beniko Tatsuhiro stated at the 48th Standing Programme Committee this afternoon in Bali.

The ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi announced that the budget for programme activities will be increased and he expressed his satisfaction of the growing number of members of the Union. He also pointed out that more than 50 activities for both radio and television have been undertaken during the last 12 months.

Ms Hanizah Hamzah, Head of TV, ABU announced that next year new activities for television will include the International Dance Festival, Song Contest and some new Programming Advisory Services and In-country workshops.

Mr Nawaz Dookhee, ABU Manager-Regulatory, Legal and IP Services explained the importance of on-going discussions at WIPO Meeting in Geneva for the adoption of a Broadcaster’s Treaty. Social media will also give a new impetus to ABU Programming activities. Mr Rashad Hamdhoon ABU Project Manager-New Media said that the ABU is presently using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to keep members constantly updated on the activities of the Union.