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GA 2016: ABU to introduce new radio activities soon

Radio Drama Festival, Storytelling Festival and encouraging more exchange of radio music will be among new activities which the ABU will undertake for the coming year. Speaking at the Radio Working Party meeting this morning, the ABU Programming Director, Beniko Tatsuhiro said that 2016 has been a productive year for the Union and its members.

The Head of Radio, Ms Vijay Sadhu made an overview of all radio activities run by the ABU during the last 12 months. She recalled that ABU Music Exchange (AMX) is operational and called for more participation by members on this free online interactive platform.

Representatives of various ABU Radio broadcaster members informed all delegates present at the meeting of the latest development in their respective stations. All of them are unanimous that radio is still growing.

The opening speech was delivered by Mr Soleman Yusuf, Programme and Production  Director at RRI-Indonesia and the meeting was chaired by  Ms Shanti  Bhaghirathan, Group Director, Capital Maharaja, Sri Lanka.