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GA 2016: For the ABU Acting President, the General Assembly helps building members’ trust through sustainable management of the Union

At a press conference tonight at Westin Hotel in Bali, the Acting President of the ABU, Mr Hikaru Doumoto said that the ABU General Assembly offers a great opportunity for members to share ideas and experiences in order to face new challenges in different sectors of the broadcasting industry. For many years through various activities, the ABU has remained an ideal platform to promote broadcasting development in different parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr Hikaru Doumoto talked also about the importance of public broadcasters in disaster preparedness. He said that the region is highly vulnerable and our mission is to help saving human lives.

The President Director of the Radio Republik Indonesia, Mr Mohammad Rohanudin said his organisation, RRI is proud to host the ABU General Assembly for the second time.  He also explained to the press the importance of RRI Play, an application created by RRI which helps reaching the maximum audience in Indonesia with its population of more than 250 million people.

The ABU will support RRI and TVRI during the ASIAN Games scheduled in Jakarta in 2018. Dr Javad Mottaghi, Secretary-General of the Union recalled all the services provided recently to members in some big sports events such as the Incheon Games in Korea in 2014 and more recently during the Olympics Games in Rio.