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Channel NewsAsia to air medical programmes for ageing population

Facing Dementia looks at one of the most pressing social and medical issues. As Singapore’s ageing population continues to rise, it is estimated that about 90,000 people will have dementia by 2030. But are we prepared for this?  

Dementia is one of the least understood conditions that present an ongoing challenge for experts and laymen alike. The decline in one’s mental abilities and identity begins imperceptibly but is often recognised only towards the later stage. The disease takes an emotional and economic toll on individuals, families and caregivers. With no cure for dementia, the 5-part series attempts to cover various aspects, from diagnosis to caregiving to treatments, while debunking some misconceptions. How is one diagnosed? Are there any preventive measures? Facing Dementia features the stories of people living with dementia as well as doctors and experts who are on the frontline.

The series debuts with an introduction to profiles who suffer from memory problems that may have resulted in a mild cognitive impairment. Could they be experiencing signs of dementia? Facing Dementia tracks the progress and uncovers the results as they undergo tests and scans for dementia. 

The programme will be aired from 13-14 November 2016.